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Professional negotiation, technical, trade fair and consecutive interpreting services.

On receiving the job, we will request further information to allow us to better understand what this consists of (whether technical training, presentation of a product, a visit to the premises of a potential customer, and so on).

A documentation phase requiring the collaboration of the client follows (requiring the provision of written documentation and any other information available). A further terminology search will then be carried out autonomously.

We collaborate actively with the customer before, during and after the interpreting job to ensure it is carried out to the highest possible standard, whether the job involves training, presentation of a product or meeting new clients or suppliers.
Strict adherence to professional secrecy means no technical or commercial details will be divulged to third parties.

- negotiation: during meetings and visits to Italian and foreign companies in Italy and abroad (in ENGLISH and FRENCH);

- technical: for meetings of a technical nature, e.g. technical training courses alongside trainers and technicians (in ITALIAN, ENGLISH and FRENCH) involved in personnel training (in ITALIAN, ENGLISH and FRENCH);

- trade fair: during trade fair events in Italy and abroad (in ENGLISH and FRENCH);

- consecutive: for congresses (in ENGLISH and FRENCH).
My interpreting work is carried out with the highest degree of professionalism.

Requests for interpreting services should be made in writing if possible (e-mail o fax), including the details of the service required (type of interpreting – negotiation, technical, trade fair or consecutive, place and duration). A quote will be provided free of charge.
Many years of professional activity and collaboration with small and large companies in various sectors have allowed me to gain considerable experience.