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Professional translation and proofreading services for technical, commercial and scientific texts:

- technical (user manuals, software for automatic machines, European regulations and all forms of technical documentation);

- commercial (translation of faxes, letters and general correspondence, etc.)

- scientific (translation of general-scientific texts and revision of scientific papers for researchers from the University of Bologna).

Many years of professional experience and collaboration with small and large companies from various sectors have allowed me to gain considerable experience.

Each translation job is approached as a project to which all necessary attention is dedicated during the phases of documentation and execution.
The customer is assisted and advised on translation choices in order to provide the best solution in terms of price and quality.
The texts to be translated can be sent and received by e-mail, fax or courier/post (in the case of texts on paper or in CD-ROM format).
The time required to complete each translation job depends on the length of the text and its content.

Reduced turnaround times are guaranteed for brief texts.
For longer and more complex texts and projects, quotes are provided detailing costs and the time required, which are respected in full (on the condition that the customer is fully in agreement with the terms stipulated).

Also offered are revision and editing services, as well as correction of the drafts of texts already translated (in Italian, English and French), carried out with the same professionalism and precision guaranteed for the translation services.
Translations can be carried out on customer premises by prior agreement if so desired for logistical reasons or for reasons of privacy.

Quotes are provided free of charge for translation or revision jobs following evaluation of the material to be translated/revised (this can be sent by e-mail, fax or courier/post).